Originating from Indian culture, Ayurvedic medicine has existed for over 5000 years and focuses primarily on the metabolism and personality of the patient. The Balinese massage is inspired by the techniques used but also by Indian philosophy. These techniques aim to help the body and the mind to find a balance, thus allowing to live in Harmony, and it knows many variations according to the places.

Description of the massage: The Balinese massage lasts about an hour. It is worked on the whole body and mainly on the back. The interest of massage is to work in depth tensions that are rarely targeted. This massage is a sequence of kneading and pressure on a good part of the meridians (very sensitive areas that can hurt).

Why do this massage? :  The Balinese massage acts on the nervous system, hormonal and digestive, to harmonize the whole and allow the return to the perfect balance, between the body and the spirit. More specifically, it relieves migraines, muscle and joint pains, as well as sleep disorders and depression. By stimulating the circulation, it also reduces stress. Balinese massage is, finally, effective against sports injuries, since it uses techniques of accupression and reflexology. In Bali this massage is considered to be therapeutic.

My advice: Massage not to do if you are cozy! Unless you want to squeeze your teeth a bit. This massage is worthy of a Thai massage with very deep and very slow supports. That said, this massage is exceptional and very interesting to feel. After having been “tortured” one feels a sense of lightness and total relaxation. The body will thank you for having decreased all its tensions that are not used to being worked in depth.