The origins : The californian massage appeared at the start of the 70s in California like its name suggests. Its creation is due to the many group therapy that were emerging in the United-States and favoured freedom of the body and overall balance of the individual. It was in fac associated to therapeutic group sessions.

Description : This massage uses long and continuous movement which allows a deep physical and psychological relaxation. Starting with soft envelopping and relaxing strokes, the movements follow each other and intensify to relieve you of the deepest tensions. This massage also has the particularity of freeing and bring back some emotions that stayed hidden in your body’s memory.

It is the most sensual, sensorial and softest massage that I offer in my institute. This means that you should be either fully undressed or wearing minimal clothing such as underwear if you are modest. And for these reasons, I don’t propose this massage to my male clientele. It is in no way a form of discrimination on my part. I just want to avoid any misunderstanding this type of massage could bring,

and I am sure you will enjoy one of the other I offer.

Why do this massage : To allow absolute relaxation and to completly let go. By slowly stimulating the many nerve terminal, it genereates a return to inner well-being.

My advice : I personally do this massage when I have reached a deep state of fatigue. It allows me to refocus and free my tensions. It is my favorite !