Metamorphic Massage

Origin:  Metamorphic massage was developed in the 1960s by Robert ST John, a naturopathic reflexologist. This treatment is recognized by public utility in England. The metamorphic massage has the principle of reconnecting the individual to his prenatal period. The life of the human being begins at conception, followed by the nine months of gestation, when we are influenced by many factors (parents, environment) During this prenatal period, the spine of the fetus, placed against the wall of the uterus, memorizes every movement that occurs inside the womb. We find these reflex points of the spine that are at the level of the head, hands and feet. By massaging these places, we release the life force, which can transform the sufferings of the “always active” past and free them. This massage, initially called “prenatal massage”, is used to lift psycho-energetic blockages that prevent us from moving, changing, acting and building.

Why do this massage? Because it brings a deep relaxation that will allow to abandon the discomfort patterns such as fears, anguish and stress. It allows a better anchoring, a greater self-confidence, a new way of seeing life and letting go of one’s fears.

My advice: If people knew the benefits of this massage they would not hesitate for a second. Moreover, this care is done at any age, children, young people in hyperactivity. For those who have trouble sleeping, concentration, or anxiety “during exams for example.” Metamorphic massage helps us to progress in our personal development. For my part, I did it during the period when I realized my project Dâr Layla. I let my body do its work and I improved!