Origin :

Originally from the Maghreb of the 6th century AD, oriental massage has gradually developed with certain techniques of Asian massage. It deals with the whole body and acts on muscles and nerve endings.

Description: The oriental massage is undoubtedly the wellness massage relieving muscle tension and promoting the drainage of the body. It has also been recognized for centuries as a universal remedy against tress. It deals with the whole body and acts on muscles and nerve endings. The applied movements alternate sliding with pressure, kneading, and palpating.

Why do this massage ?  Because this massage is ideal to feel alive! It stimulates blood circulation thanks to fast movements. It drains, relaxes muscles by releasing tension, it evacuates toxins and impurities and regenerates the body.

Recommendation: It is important to know that in Maghreb culture, oriental massage is an integral part of a three-step ritual. – the hammam used to purify the body, promote the penetration of oil assets by dilating the pores and relax the muscles – the scrub that renews the epidermis – the massage which brings an intense relaxation and nourishes the skin in depth. If today many institutes offer the oriental massage independently of the initial process, it is necessary that it is not dissociated from the ritual so that its benefits are optimal. A meeting in due form lasts at least 1h30. It includes 45 minutes of hammam including a scrub, followed by an hour of massage. The feeling of a massage done after the hammam will be for you pure happiness, your body will be so well relaxed thanks to the heat that it will be willing to receive the massage!

My advice: You really need support and tonic massages. It is fast and worked a little deeper than the Swedish massage. Ideal to do before competitions to give the body energy and it is important to do after the effort to relax the muscles.