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The pleasure of offering

You want to make your loved one’s day ? You can send them to Dâr Layla !
You can do so on two occasions : Christmas and Mother’s Day.

After numerous misuses from indelicate clients, it is now not possible to offer gift cards outside of these two events.

How does it work ?

You want to buy your loved one, best friend, neighbor or mother-in-law some time at Dâr Layla’s ?

Book directly online, with the concerned person, the package that you want to offer. It is important to choose a date and time on the agenda immediately, because there’s quite the wait time, especially on Fridays and Saturdays ! Of course there is, Dâr Layla is amazing !

How do I pay ?

You pay 30% of the amount at the booking and then you call Layla to decide how you want to pay the rest.

Note : you can print one of these gift certificates so you can give something material to the lucky person, but this document has no other worth.

Why do it this way ?

Because it would be a pity for a paid gift card to get thrown away after being forgotten in a pocket, right ?

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