Why do baby massage? :

The massage will allow the baby and the person who massages to relax, and to relax. It may, in some cases, be useful for relieving small pains (dental flares, colds). The massage teaches you especially to understand and better know your infant. It’s a real moment of sharing and complicity that would be wrong to deprive ourselves of ! So if you have never massaged your baby it’s something to try.

The benefits of baby massage:

It is a source of relaxation and it develops a bond of trust between the baby and the adults who take care of it, relieving stress. It would help the baby to sleep and gain confidence in his body The rituals of infant massage have a meaning, they heal various organs, prepare the life of the future adolescent (virility, fertility, courage, skill, balance, socialization) and sometimes reproduce the passage of the birth (childbirth), for somehow create the conditions for a “renaissance” to social life. These massages help the baby to refine his body diagram and develop his psychomotricity.

Description of the baby massage:

In the living room and under a Berber tent, the baby is placed on a carpet of sheep covered with a fouta. The parent undresses him while the oil warms slightly. The baby will feel many manipulations: stretching, pressure, and effleurages. Small clarification, there is no age to do baby massages but for my part and to be comfortable I prefer to wait until he is three months.

Advice :

When making an appointment, choose a time when you feel that your baby is calm and relaxed. Some people love to be massaged after bathing, for others it is too tiring. Above all, you must be available. For the rest, let yourself be guided!