The ritual of the hammam at Dâr Layla

You sit on the bench in tadlakt, we will begin to get wet to apply black soap (vegetable paste based on pulp and black olive oil, often scented) that will be allowed to act a few minutes . The black soap has the effect of inflating the dead skin, so it is very important to the preparation of the scrub. Once rinsed with black soap you will be invited to lie on the bench, the hammam will turn into a small haven of peace or you will be alone for 10-15 minutes.

Know that at Dâr Layla the temperature of the hammam is set to your liking (we manage the temperature according to our customers).

After having sweated well, the scrub can begin. Always lying (e) we perform the scrub on the whole body, from head to toe. Then we apply shower gel and wash your hair. The treatment in the hammam takes around 40 minutes.

It is customary after a good hammam to drink with a good mint tea. We will take advantage of this time to hydrate your skin with argan oil and scent you.

For this package you will have to bring back your swimsuit (no one-piece swimsuit for women). For those who do not, panties and bra will go very well.

Don’ts: You must not put cream on your body the same day and the day before the appointment. Do not shave in the three days before your appointment. Indeed, your skin will be so smooth by the products that the horsehair glove will not get rid of dead skin.