Origins :

It is not Swedish ! It was actually born from Chinese traditional medecine and Greek massages. The Dutch practitioner Johan Georg was the one to create it.

Description :

The Swedish massage is without a doubt the most common massage across every institutes. It was designed to facilitate the oxygen circulation in the blood, increase the blood flow and relax the muscles. It helps the body to go back to its natural balance. The technique includes several movements : effleurage, kneading, friction, percussion and vibration.

Why do this massage :

because it is perfect when you want to feel alive, it’s a great remedy to stress and also because it gives you energy. It reactivates the blood circulation thanks to the movements performed. The massage promotes flexibility of the body, it warms the muscles and by doing that relaxes them significantly. For fans of sports, this massage is especially recommended in treatment of body aches. You will feel a reduction in the pain related to physical effort (for high-level athletes the oriental and sports massages were created for you). The toning and relaxing effect achieved by the

blend of firmness and softness of this handling leaves nobody indifferent.

My advice :

when I have new clients it is the one I usually do. I often say it medium rare, no too soft, not too strong, just enough to feel your muscles and tensions. The clients non used to pressures are always surprised to appreciate this massage. If the pressures can suprise, they always make you feel good.

I personally recommend to do a hammam before any massages. The heat will allow to relax your muscles and yourself during the massage.