The learning of techniques of massages

Taking care of those that you love, that is what proposes Dâr Layla to you today . That it is to relax tensions or during the preliminary, it is important to massage with envy and passion.

To massage is, before putting the hands on a body, to your heart and to use

your own body as a support of the massage. It is not easy for everyone, that’s for sure, that is why I would bring you this teaching.

6 years ago I did not know how to massage at all. A click, a change, a discovery of my inner self and here I am today with spa that offers massages.

It is necessary to try and do your best, tomorrow you will be the massages pros

You can also enjoy

For those of you who want to change your calling or just want to have a recognised qualification in massages, I advise you to go to Tara Bien Être, the school where the professionals are patient and good listeners 😉

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