Generally Arabic names have a meaning.

Mine, Layla, means night.

Chaima, my daughter’s name means: beauty mark.

Unthinkable for my daughter to make an exfoliating scrub without the mask and a short massage!

This is why this package is named after her.

This package is like the Cleopatra with 30 minutes of massage added. You will choose

the part of the body to be massaged, the back, the legs, little of both or the face.

You will choose according to mood of the day!

For this care count two hours maximum. For this package it will be necessary for you to bring a swimsuit (no one-piece swimsuit for the women). For those who don’t have one, panties and bra will do just fine

Do not put cream on your body the day or the  day before the appointment. Do not shave in the three days before the appointment.

Indeed, your skin will be so smooth by the products that the kessa glove will not be able to take off the dead skins.