Having lived this experience, you wont be able to say that you were not spoiled and that we did not take time for you only. Two hours and a half of relaxation, and total letting go is what awaits you…

This complete care proposes : black soap and henna to inflate the dead skins, the exfoliating scrub from head to toe, a ghassoul mask, the shampoo, a hair mask and one hour of massage.

You will be treated as a Queen/King, to the point that, even at the end of the hammam, we will wrap you with the fouta (towel or sheet of traditional hammam)!

For this package it will be necessary for you to bring a swimsuit (no one-piece swimsuit for the women). For those who don’t have one, panties and bra will do just fine.

Do not put cream on your body the day or the day before the appointment. Do not shave in the three days before the appointment.

Indeed, your skin will be so smooth by the products that the kessa glove will not be able to take off the dead skins.