Origins :

Thai foot reflexology is an ancient chinese technique that spread In Thailand by Buddhists monks. It became a part of traditional thai medicine. Performed by diverse civilizations, it is amazing to heal different body aches. It contributes to the balance of the functioning of the body.

Description : the techniques of thai foot reflexology involve a soft but energetic, or even strong massage of the feet, the arch, the lower legs to the knees calling for well-being and relaxation. It is executed with pressures to stimulate the reflex zones corresponding to a body part, an organ. A soft lower legs massage will complete this treatment. The pressures create a deep and revitalising relaxation. You will feel a soothing comfort of the mind sensation. The acupressure points are performed with a wooden stick.

It also includes other techniques such as kneading, pressures, percussions and stretching.

Why do this massage : because this foot massage brings physical stimulation and awakens the senses which gives back awareness of body.

It also :

– brings mental relaxation and negative emotions draining

– frees of stress and nervous tensions

– relieves back pains and heavy legs

– improves blood flow

– activates the lymphatic system and reinforced the immune system

– relaxes the muscles

– helps fighting insomnia and headaches

My advice : As with the lymphatic drainage I advise to do it at least twice a year. It is important to take care of yourself.