The benefits of massage for mom  Muscular pains, malaise, anxiety, fatigue … Pregnancy is a wonderful adventure, but one of hard times. During 9 months, the body undergoes transformations, bringing their lots of physical but also psychic upheavals. The prenatal massage is specially designed to accompany the pregnant woman from the 4th month of pregnancy, after stabilization of the fetus. A true moment of relaxation and comfort, it allows the future mother to live a special moment with her baby while fighting against mental and physical fatigue.

Few women use them, yet the benefits of prenatal massage are numerous. It allows to :

– Relieve muscle tension and pain

-Strengthen muscles and joints

-Promote sleep and recovery

-Reduce sciatic pain

– Relieve cramps of the calves and heavy legs

– Relieve headaches and reduce nausea

– Fight stress and anxiety

– Maintain good posture

– Promote the well-being of the future mother and the baby

– Soften the skin and prevent stretch marks

– Make a first contact with the baby

The benefits of prenatal massage for the baby :

From the 4th month, the fetus develops his perception abilities. He hears the sounds, feels the caresses but also the anxieties of the future mother. It’s a real sponge. Relaxing massage promotes the secretion of pleasure hormones, such as oxytocin. While the future mother relaxes and enjoys this moment of intense relaxation, the baby also enjoys the sweetness and benefits of this moment. The caresses secure it and contribute to its emotional fulfillment. During pregnancy, several factors can lead the pregnant woman to a high stress level that can affect the baby in utero. Stress hormones such as cortisol are present in the blood and cross the placental barrier. These hormones directly affect the fetus. The prenatal massage allows the future mother to regain serenity and therefore promotes the decrease of these hormones.

My advice:

It is not because we are pregnant that we no longer have to live! Listen to your inner self and your baby. Generally for pregnant women I practice lymphatic massage and back massage (while sitting).