Created in Japan in 1472 and issued from Amna, the oldest form of massage in China, this treatment was initially reserved for empresses and geishas of the time and then became a traditional art of rejuvenation of Japanese women .


This facial massage allows the skin to be stimulated through kneading movements of the muscles and pressures on the meridians. It helps to rebalance the energy flow of the face as well as the blow. Antirides ancestral, the imperial massage is today one of the most effective techniques. This massage is done in two parts, the first is composed of smoothing and the second of points of facial reflexology. Warm towels and cottons soaked in blueberry water will be part of the treatment.

Why do this massage? :

Because it is a true natural facelift and it allows sagging skin, reduces the effects of stress, restores radiance to the skin, increases its elasticity, stimulates microcirculation and attenuates the depth of wrinkles. This treatment aims to fight the aging of the face.

My advice:

For my part I recommend this massage in two cases. The first, for the future bride. To be radiant and beautiful for the D-day a cure of three sessions “every week before the date of the wedding as a course of 3 sessions”. She will have a sublime complexion and a beautiful glow effect. The second, I advise it in winter period. In fact, the weather and the greyness are reflected in our morale and our physique. For once, our face is off and needs to be treated and dynamized in depth. A session a month during the winter period is a very good way to have a radiant face