The sports massage is a massage, at the base intended for the athletes, in order to recover from a training. The simple rest is not enough to recover well after a sporting effort. The sports recovery massage has several objectives that are to relax the muscles, eliminate toxins, detect tensions and contractures and reduce them. In sports massage, nothing is worth the hands of the man to tie the knots.  Tonic and / or relaxing, sports massage varies according to the needs of the person who comes to be massaged. The particularity of this massage: It does not massage the belly or the scalp. We mainly target the back, arms, legs, feet … In short, the muscles that work the most to relieve them.

When to do a sports massage:

It is practiced before a competition / session (never in the three days before the competition) in order to prepare the muscle and put the athlete in a more comfortable state. It also minimizes the appearance of tears. We also practice this massage after training / session near a workout, it helps reduce aches.

Interest and benefits of sports massage:

Recover faster (by draining toxins by stimulating blood circulation)

-Reduce fatigue

-Resume training in a more secure way

-Comfort the athlete, while he is experienced by the effort

To be effective a sports massage must have a duration of between twenty and thirty minutes minimum. And the ideal would be to do twenty to thirty minutes of hammam. Indeed, the heat, in addition to releasing the toxins will help you to have a total relaxation. During massages, I always use oils mixed with essential oils that have soothing and anti-inflammatory properties such as: wintergreen, lavender, camphor and rosemary.

My advice:

Ideally and for those who wish, I integrate a fascia massage