Origins :

The lymphatic drainage massage is the method of doctor of pilosophy Emil Vodder. He started his research on the lymph and its sytem in 1932. And it’s in 1936 that the Dr Vodder develops his method of lymphatic system stimulation, now knows as draining lymphatic drainage.

He first developped his technique as a way of treatment for sinusitis before expanding it.

Description : The lymphatic drainage is a medical practice which consists in massaging limbs so as to help the lymph circulate properly. It is the undisputed champion in treating circulatory problems. It can be done for therapeutic or aesthetic purposes.

Why do this massage : the drainage would in fact, improve the body’s defences by favorising lympathic

flow. It also has a calming effect on the neurovegetative system and a toning effect on the intestine, which is good against constipation. Since its purpose is to get rid of waste and toxins in the organism’s tissues, it is not uncommon to experience frequent urination. Finally, the lymphatic drainage is often used by athletes to prepare their muscles to physical effort and allow better recovery.

Contraindication : the lymphatic drainage massage is not recommended (ask for your doctor’s advice) in case of cancer, acute inflammation, cardio edema, asthma, renal insufficiency, hyperthyroidism and hypotension. For women, it is better to avoid doing this massage around the abdomen during your periods as it tends to make them heavier.